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Intervention theater.
Stepping up and stepping in. By working closely with the client, INCoporporate creates skits or short plays that reflect a recognizable situation in the workplace. The acting can be comic, natural or exaggerated in order to emphasize specific behavioral issues. The participants in the audience are allowed to stop the action, and then say how the action could be done differently. The actors will follow their directions. Similarly, the participants get the opportunity to change the negative to the positive by ‘stepping-in’ and changing the situation themselves as they see fit. Intervention Theatre immediately involves the audience. It is an extremely effective way of holding up a mirror to identifiable behavior. It illustrates a set of actions and their consequences. An interactive performance provokes discussion, recognition and reflection and gives the audience the chance to consider positive change. Benefits of this method of working are that participants can freely experiment with different solutions to a problem. This method can easily identify issues like miscommunication, lack of understanding, etc. and subsequent discussion should lead to major improvements in the workplace. An opportunity is created to practice one’s specialist skills such as: negotiating, persuasion, communicating or delivering ‘bad news’.
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